The Perfect Extension of a Researcher's Brain

Qeludra AI empowers academics at universities and research institutions, government departments as well as legal consultants to analyze qualitative data in unprecedented ways.

A transformative approach to qualitative data analysis

Intuitive & Conversational

To ensure user friendliness, Qeludra AI transforms the conventional QDA into an intuitive and conversational interface. It reduces the learning curve and makes analysis process more accessible to researchers with varying levels of technical expertise.

Fast & Secure

To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your files, all your content can be stored securely on our own dedicated servers, encrypted in transit and at rest with world-class encryption and key management techniques. It further allows you to query data much faster.


Our motto "Converse for Insights" goes beyond conversing with Qeludra's AI Bot - Dr. Doozy. Turn your qualitative data analysis into a fun and engaging project by inviting other teams members or peers to collaborate with you.

Our Mission

Transforming the traditional practices of QDA with generative AI

At our core, our mission is transformation. We are pioneering a new way of thinking about and working with qualitative data. From academia to government to legal proceedings, we drive efficiency and excellence through the power of AI.

Own Trained AI Assistant

Building on top of the existing capabilities of LLMs, we have carefully and rigorously trained our own proprietary AI Assistant - Dr. Doozy, to see the world of qualitative data through the lens of an expert researcher.

Leveraging Contextual Pillars

To optimize the outputs of our AI assistant and make them as accurate as possible, we make efficient use of contextual pillars of any dataset. By enabling users to add attributes of their document(s) or data source, our AI assistant provides a much more reliable and useful data analysis.

Beyond Pattern Recognition

Combining the pattern recognition capabilities of ML models with advanced semantic search techniques, our AI assistant relies upon hybrid search recognition, providing an unparallel analysis experience.


Dr. Susanne Friese - Founder

"In the mid-1980s, the first qualitative data analysis programs emerged, and my journey in the field began in 1992 when I collaborated with a software developer for two transformative years. Since then, I've become an expert in computer-aided qualitative data analysis, applying it globally in research, teaching, and consulting projects.

The advent of Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) programs occurred approximately 35 years ago, and I have been an active participant in this journey for 30 years. At present, I firmly believe that we stand on the brink of a paradigm shift.

We now have the chance to start something new, to begin a new era by creating anew genre of software that revolutionizes the & "how to" aspect of analysing qualitative data.


Munib Ali  
Technical co-Founder

"It was the summer of 2014 when I first arrived in the Netherlands - a world unknown to me at that time. While studying at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus, I quickly started noticing how truly advance the advanced economies have become, especially in comparison to the developing nations - where I originate from.

It became apparent rather quickly that technological enablement sits at the core of these advancements and if I were to bridge the growing gap between the developed and developing nations, it must have its roots deeply embedded in technology. From there and then I became actively involved in the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands, helping a number of startups with their product development and scalability.

With the emergence of AI, my goal with Qeludra is to ensure that our transformative technology is easily accessible in all parts of the world, leaving no one at a disadvantage."

Explore the possibilities of Qeludra AI platform

Conversational Interface

Researchers can engage in a dialogue with data using the AI chat bot, prompting it to provide key insights and relevant analysis.

Rapid Hyphothesis Generation Dialouges

Through AI-enabled rapid hypothesis generation dialogues, researchers can engage in back-and-forth discussions with the system to explore various hypotheses based on data.

Create Reports and Memos

Export your data analysis as an in-app report and continue working on it. Qeludra AI platform enables you to produce high-quality reports and memos with a simple click.

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